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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything that can fit into a box, should be packed into one. Obvious exceptions are: furniture items, yard tools, bicycles, etc

Yes they can. Things made with heavy solid woods may be a little too heavy to leave all the drawers full, but for the most part you can leave drawers full. Drawers should not have anything fragile or breakable left in them though, so make sure not to have any small picture frames or china in the drawers.

You can take apart anything you'd like to and feel comfortable with. We will take anything apart that we need to to get the job done, but if you take it apart before we arrive it will save a little time.

Anything that's flammable or has chemicals can't be packed. You can pack up soaps and shampoos and other toiletries, etc. but gas cans, aerosals, full propane tanks, etc can NOT be packed/moved

We offer every service involved in moving. Packing boxes, loading and unloading furniture from/into place of residence, even cleaning services. We can stage furniture in empty rooms if you're getting floors done in your house, or if you just want us to come over and put new furniture together for you, we do it all.

There are many things involved in getting your total move cost. It varies with every move, but your sales representative will be able to give you an accurate estimate if you are upfront about everything you would like us to undertake in your move.

This all depends on your animals. It's best to have a designated room they are in that won't need to be opened until after the move. As long as the animals aren't under foot while we are moving heavy furniture, it is ok

We get asked this question quite often actually. You don't have to tip your movers, but it is greatly appreciated and helps your movers know that you really appreciated and enjoyed their services.

This is another hard to answer question that is different with every move. Your sales representative should be able to break it all down for you and give you an accurate estimate

We take care of everything as if it was our own, but if something does get damaged in the move, please let us know about it. We are licensed and insured for this specific reason, but will always make sure that our customers are happy and well taken care of even in the event that something gets damaged.

We have floor protection and protective door frame and banister covers, and even have carpet protection too. Anything that is not in a box will be wrapped in one of our moving blankets to prevent any scratches from happening. When we load stuff into the truck, we load it like a puzzle without any missing pieces. This helps insure that nothing moves around when the truck is in motion, therefore providing protection to your belonging when in transit. Other than those precautions, communication is key. We are open and very communicative when moving your belongings, so nothing gets banged around when carrying it in your house


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